Main Traction Machines with Safety Unit

a. Equipped with plate brake, compact structure, small volume
b. Enough calculated factor of safety and reliable
c. High efficiency, energy saving
d. Seamless structural design with mini distortion

Main Ropes / Safety Ropes.

a. 13mm diameter Usha Martin Steel Wire Ropes
b. 10mm diameter Usha Martin Steel Wire Ropes
c. 8mm diameter Usha Martin Steel Wire Ropes


a. M.S. Powder coated Cabin
b. Stainless Steel Cabin
c. Glass Cabin (For Capsule Lift)

Control Panel With VFD

a. Smart Controller
b. Smart VF Controller
c. Duplex Controls


a. M.S. / S.S. Collapsible Doors
b. M.S. powder coated Swing Doors / Centre opening Doors
c. S.S. Hairline / Mirror Finish Swing Doors
d. Imperforated Doors
e. Telescopic Sliding Doors
f. S.S. /M.S. Automatic Centre Opening Doors
g. S.S. Imported Decorative Sheet Doors

6. Car Operating Panels / Buttons

a. Normal Indicator (7 segment)
b. Running Type / Dot Matrix Indicator
c. LCD Display

Car Flooring

Car Flooring

a. Vinyl / Pavli Tiles
b. Aluminium Chakkar plate
c. S.S. Chakkar plate